Conan: Shining Kingdoms: Sons of Vidarna and The Dwellers Below (review)

Modiphius has released two new adventures for his role-playing game Conan: Adventures in An Age Undreamed Of, from his 2d20 system. In these, we will experience very interesting events that occurred in different places on Earth in the Age of Hyboria.

We have already reviewed some companion books for Conan: Adventures in An Age Undreamed Of 2d20 system RPG , such as Conan The King and Kull from Atlantis. Today is the turn of the adventures of Shining Kingdom supplements, these adventures wil take the players of the Conan 2d20 RPG to distant lands, in search of adventures and new challenges.

Conan: Shining Kingdoms: Sons of Vidarna

Vidarna, a land of wealth and beauty, of intrigue and danger. In this adventure the adventurers will be recruited as House Sattari guards when the conflict with a rival house reaches a peak, unleashing violence in the streets, it’s an adventure where strength and diplomacy will have the same importance and both must be managed carefully to help keep the peace.It’s a Jonathan Breese story with bonus content by Jason Brick.


In the ancient Zamora The Accursed, two families shed dozens of liters of blood over a conflict that has lasted for a generation. When the new ruler of House Sattari returns from his travels to bury his father, the last descendants of House Akhtar get on the move to settle old debts.

The servants of House Akhtar, Sons of Vidarna, control a portion of the infamous Maul district like a criminal gang, biding their time to take advantage of a situation like this. Players will be hired by the House of Sattari and must face the first attack of the Sons of Vidarna, fight ruthless criminals, discover forbidden loves and face a creature spawned through the darkest of pacts.

Conan-Shining-kingdom-sons of VIdarnia


The warrior and adventurer Vidarna Akhtar explored the world and plundered numerous long-forgotten ruins, upon his return to Zamora he was received as a hero and got too much attention from the King, earning himself a good status in Zamoran society.

But this was not to everyone’s liking, Oxartes Sattari, his old friend and ally, now consumed by envy and jealousy decided to turn what was a friendly rivalry into something more. For some reason that is not very clear, one night the soldiers of Oxartes stormed the house of Vidarna, killing everyone they could, servants, children, beasts and anyone else related to the family.

Freni, wife of Vidarna and a powerful sorceress, was able to escape and take her badly wounded husband to the family catacombs, there she swore revenge against the Sattari house, revenge that would fall on the son she carried in her womb. Then, she sought refuge in the most dangerous place in the city, the Maul, where she recruited servants who helped her elude the Oxartes forces, until The Guild intervened, forcing a truce, a situation that Freni took advantage of to consolidate itself as a significant force. inside the criminal world.

As for House Sattari, despite the fact that no one had the courage to denounce its heinous actions, the other houses viewed it with suspicion and tried to relate as little as possible to her. Oxartes had to raise only his children after Vidarna killed his wife, and with the truce the origin of his income went from adventure and exploration to trade.

Oxartes’ daughter took over the commercial reins of the house and has led it to a time of prosperity, while his only son has decided to return from his adventures, despite the warnings of his now defunct father, an event that will set in motion the story in which our adventurers will participate.

Comments on Conan: Shining Kingdoms: Sons of Vidarna

The Children of Vidarna is a story with several things to do, adventurers will have to fight, to serve as diplomats, to investigate and to make difficult decisions, a story that I definitely would like to experience as a player.

Conan: Shining Kingdoms: The Dwellers Below

Written by Nathaniel Torson, in The Dwellers Below, an earthquake let a cursed species to arise to the surface after millennia underground, the adventurers must fight the horrors, descend into the depths and face the very God of these creatures, at the same time that protect the Kingdom of Shem and one of its princesses.


An earthquake unleashes a cursed race that comes out of the bowels of the Earth to plague a town built on the ruins of an ancient city. Trapped in the village and besieged by blasphemous monstrosities, the adventurers must discover where the heart of the horde lies and tear it away, to stop the siege and save many lives.

But rarely the things are that simple. So the adventurers will not only descend into the depths to confront monsters, but will also have to protect a Shemite princess from internal and external enemies, stop a raid planned by a Turanian bandit prince, and confront a foul lake of sentient ooze, the god of The Dwellers Bellow.



Millennia ago there was a prosperous kingdom between the kingdoms of Shem and Khoraja. But with wealth and prosperity came decay, they challenged their sky god, declared that there was no god but the People themselves, so god punished them with a rain of iron and fire, sending the survivors underground, sealing them in and cursing them, condemning the survivors to eternal darkness.

The shemite town of Tizrah is about 300 meters from those ruins whose history has been lost in time, no one has stepped inside that place because when approaching it feels an air of imminent doom, but so far nothing has left that place full of burned stone and huge iron rocks.

After divine punishment, the surviving inhabitants of that kingdom were trapped underground, where they got an ecosystem with luminous mushrooms and underground lakes, from one of them monsters came out that attacked them for a time, until they, in their desperation, offered a sacrifice. human, but instead of dying, the tribute returned with a slimy new skin, they had found their new god.

The Forsaken flourished and created an underground civilization, when the earthquake destroyed the tunnels that connected their cities underground they sent explorers to see the extent of the damage, but they discovered that the movement had opened an exit to the surface, the time to conquer the surface had arrived.

Comments on the adventure Conan: Shining Kingdoms: The Dwellers Below

The adventure is very much in line with Howard’s universe, monsters, ancient gods, ruthless and cruel like the world and its people, but our adventurers can make a difference.

In this adventure, besides what has already been described, players must participate in resisting a siege, as well as participating in cinematic and very interesting scenes, they may also be able to spend their Momentum points in a very creative way to generate changes and consequences in the conflict on a larger scale.

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