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Modiphius currently has a campaign for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game board game, keep reading to learn more about it.

One of our favorite publishers has put a campaign online to bring us nothing less than an adventure game based on the famous video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. in fact, they have already raised more than a million dollars in the crowdfunding platform

What is Skyrim?

Skyrim is the fifth role-playing video game in The Elder Scrolls saga which turned ten years old on November 11, 2021. It is a game published by Bethesda and it has a legion of followers for being a fairly complete role-playing game full of options and mods.

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim we play a Dovahkiin (Dragon Blood), with the aim of defeating the dragon/dovah Alduin, because according to the prophecy he will destroy the world. Skyrim’s name comes directly from the Province where the game takes place.

the elder scrolls skyrim adventure game

Like all role-playing video games, we will have to complete missions, obtain equipment and consumables, we will get companions who will help us on our journey and we will also make our character improve step by step.

What is the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim the Adventure Game about?

Before the Dragon Blood came to Skyrim… You are the surviving members of The Blades, a legendary group that long protected the Empire of Tamriel. Abandoned by the empire, you must work together to thwart a plot that threatens all of Skyrim.

This introductory text serves as a prelude to a massive game full of miniatures and lots of interesting things, it offers us:

  • 1 cooperative or solitaire adventure board game.
  • 2 huge campaigns (and one more with the Dawnguard expansion).
  • 6 Chapters (3 more with Dawnguard).
  • 90-180 minutes per chapter – Up to 27 hours per game.
  • Infinite replayability.

How do you play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game?

In the Crowdsourcing campaign they offer us the game manual and an introductory guide to the game.

Build your Heroic Blade.  Play alone or with up to three friends. Explore a world on the brink of perdition. Choose from six different characters as part of the base game. Expand your selection with an additional four with the Dawnguard expansion. Follow their unique playstyles and specializations, or choose your own path.

Equip your character.  Start with basic gear and progressively upgrade as you find better weapons, armor, spells, and ancient artifacts. Adapt your fighting style, combining your choices with a variety of skill upgrades that will give you an advantage in the battles to come.

The world changes.  Our branching story system, built from a massive deck of over 600 numbered cards in the core box only, changes the game as you make decisions. From leaving a riot in Stronghold to saving the life of a Jarl, every decision has consequences. With each choice you make, it will cause different events to unfold. 

Take on a lot of missions.  The missions will take you around the world to participate in detailed and linked narrative stories that evolve as you make decisions. Follow hundreds of different stories or just explore the world, level up and find more and more treasures. Succeeding in your missions gives you rewards, but if you fail, the story will continue and it will become more challenging.

Find various characters.  Mysterious NPCs await in cities and in the wild. Immerse yourself in their stories. Lending them a hand leads them on exciting side missions. Your choices will affect their destinies and your fortune.

The world evolves.  At the beginning of each turn, a new event takes place: vampires and daedras invade all nine strongholds; different factions request your help; incidents that span the world change the way you play. Ignore these events and you risk being invaded by Threat and watching the world crumble around them.

Wandering monsters take over the board.  Event cards can unleash monsters that will move towards heroes, blocking roads, or advance towards towns and fortresses, reducing your access to important resources. You will have to defeat them before they unleash all their destructive power.

Skyrim under threat.  Various game effects could cause a fortress to fall. Players must keep an eye on threat levels and active dangers across the board. Completing quest lines can lower threat levels and allow the world to breathe a little more.

Delve into dangerous dungeons.  Mines, caves, abandoned tombs, ancient ruins, and treacherous Dwemer cities are filled with enemies and traps for you to conquer, and valuable loot to claim. Each type of dungeon has its own set of enemies that will try to defeat you, in case you dare to interrupt them.

Dungeons change all the time.  Dungeons are built with cards, each of which represents a major threat in that area of ​​the dungeon. It can be a terrifying Draugr or a surprise trap that, if you’re lucky, one of the characters may be able to disable. As characters level up, lower-level opponents are discarded, increasing the difficulty of the dungeons along with the level of the players. The more you visit a certain type of dungeon, the more likely you are to see its most fearsome inhabitants and reap its rewards.

Bring your weapons to endure. Each weapon and spell card will report what attacks you can make and how many resources you will have to spend to use them. You will then roll a set of custom dice and attempt to pass specific skill tests for each weapon; hitting with heavier weapons will surely be more difficult than hitting with lighter weapons. Some enemies will use unorthodox tactics, including the ability to heal themselves or wear near-impenetrable armor. Combat is always fast, exciting, and deadly. 

Reap the rewards.  Collect Septims, treasures, rare components, and experience by exploring dungeons and completing missions. Each encounter will make you richer and more powerful, and will give your character more options in battle.

Upgrade and love your team.  Most items in the game can be customized with enchantments or upgrades. When you have the correct amount of components, you can buy an Enchantment / Upgrade card and place it under the item, altering its properties. For example, a piece of armor can be upgraded to be better against heavy attacks, and it can also be enchanted to help the character regenerate stamina faster. 

Level up and improve your skills.  Choose your own path, selecting from a wide range of abilities and increasing one of your three characteristics: health, stamina, or magic. Customize your character as you play and change course at any time if you want to take a different approach.

Help your friends by coordinating. When playing in a group, a player can specialize their character with certain abilities to complement and create synergies between players. While your character has his own missions and agendas, there are many opportunities for you to join your allies in cities and dungeons and assist them on their travels.

Tell your own story.  You write your own story with every little choice you make. Your decisions affect the world, your character, and your fellow adventurers. Every time you play, a new set of options opens up in front of you. Play over and over again and experience a whole new adventure every time.

Expand your experience.  The Dawnguard expansion   adds another 3-chapter campaign with hundreds of additional cards and new mechanics to play as a vampire or Dawnguard, aligning yourself with a faction. From the Ashes  expands the game by offering additional stories that can be inserted into your game, including an epic encounter with a dragon! Finally, the  Miniature  Upgrade  Set  offers a number of cosmetic improvements to the game by exchanging wandering monster tokens for full miniatures and providing ten additional alternate sculptures for the various swords. 

Contents of the core and expansion boxes

the elder scrolls skyrim adventure game contenido base
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game Base box content
the elder scrolls skyrim adventure game contenido expansion 1
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game Box Contents Dawnguard Expansion
the elder scrolls skyrim adventure game contenido expansion2
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game Box Contents Ashes Expansion
the elder scrolls skyrim adventure game contenido mejoras

Levels of patronage and content

the elder scrolls skyrim adventure game tiers

In my opinion the campaign looks pretty good, the game looks fun, everything that Modiphius produces is of amazing quality , so I don’t even worry about that, and it has enough material to guarantee hours and hours of fun, if there is something I didn’t like that much was the miniatures of the upgrade set, especially because they are a single model of each one, but if you are one of those who resent playing against cardboard tiles, you should get it.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of those unforgettable and immortal games in the hearts of those who could enjoy it, so if you are one of those do not think about it and support this campaign before it ends.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game by MODIPHIUS ENTERTAINMENT – Gamefound

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