The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged (Unboxing)

Unboxing of The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged board game, from the Netflix animated series with the same name

Brotherwise Games, creators of games like Dungeon Boss and the already reviewed and recommended Call to Adventure, have published their first game with miniatures, we are talking about The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged, a card-based tactical combat game in which we can use some of the most emblematic characters of the series to recreate our favorite battles of the series or play to see what would have happened if things had been different.

Destapado del juego de mesa The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged de la serie de Netflix con el mismo nombre, conocida como Principe de los Dragones o El Príncipe Dragón, en español.

What is The Dragon Prince about?

The Dragon Prince is a 2018 Netflix animated series that takes place in a fantastic world where various creatures live, elves, humans and dragons, among others. Humans had no connection to the magic of the world like the elves, so they began to use «Dark Magic» which involved extracting the magical essence of other beings, killing them in the process. Because of this, the dragons and moon elves cornered the humans at one end of the continent.

The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged cards miniatures

At the beginning of the story, everyone is preparing for war because humans killed the Dragon King and stole his heir’s egg. The elves try to kill the human king and his heir while everyone prepares for war, but the heir to the human kingdom, his stepbrother, and a moon elf who participated in the attack try to prevent the war, returning the dragon egg that was believed had been destroyed.

The Dragon Prince is a series with very good characters who get into a lot of trouble and live fun adventures, where we can see mature themes such as racism, adopted children, death, betrayal, greed, revenge, the importance of kindness and others, all of this approached in a kids friendly way. I totally recommend the series, I enjoyed it a lot with my children.

Components of The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged

Of course, the board game comes with a nice, well-illustrated and high-quality game manual, as you might expect from Brotherwise game, as well as a full-color cardboard sheet with a quick start guide for those who already know this kind of games. The other components are:

  • 8 great quality plastic miniatures with lots of detail.
  • 6 colored rings to identify the teams.
  • 128 action cards and 8 oversized hero cards.
  • 6 energy dice.
  • 3 double-sided battle map tiles.
  • 48 health tokens and 7 victory tokens
The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged componentes

Of course, everything is of very good quality, really The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged is a very nice game, it is language dependant but the text used in each card is very short and basic, and cards use icons whenever they can so the cards can be learned easily, my children are spanish speakers and theyunderstood almost all of them at once so they are not very complicated.

I really liked the insert, as it fits the whole set comfortably, especially the miniatures, which come with custom-made slots, which protect them from damage in transit. Although there is plenty of space to put another deck of cards, they may be thinking about future expansions.

I really liked the content, especially the miniatures that I will be painting and sharing with you, along with a complete review. It should be noted that the game is only about battles, I see it as a good option to use it as a starter game for the genre.

In the next few days we will also be posting a review, so if it catches your eye, stay tuned for our content.

You can buy The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged directly in Brotherwise Games store (unsponsored link)

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